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fic: Merry Christmas Darling 
25th-Dec-2010 11:21 pm
tvd; caroline forbes
Title: Merry Christmas Darling
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Heather Morris & Naya Rivera (Glee)
Summary: “It’s Christmas, baby. You should have known I had a present for you…”
Authors note: For my meanie for Christmas. Yep.

It was Christmas Eve and Heather was just about to head to bed. The fire was burning out and her entire apartment smelled of Christmas. She had been baking cookies all day. Tomorrow she was going to spend the evening with her family, and maybe if she was lucky, she’d get to see Naya sometime after that. She wished that she could bring Naya along to her family functions, but considering Naya had her own family functions and considering that no one really was aware of Heather and Naya’s “thing” she didn’t think that would be such a good idea. When Heather was with Naya, so could rarely keep her hands off of her. Oh, how she wished Naya would just let them tell people that they were together. It would make things much easier.

Heather walked towards the Christmas tree, getting ready to unplug the lights when she was caught off guard by the sound of the doorbell. She raised an eyebrow, walking towards the door. Heather pulled open the door, surprised at the sight she saw. In front of her was Naya, dressed in red with a shiny gold bow tied around her, and damn, did she look good. “I think Santa came a little early….” Heather stated, stepping out of the way so Naya could come inside. “What are you doing here? I thought you were going to be with your family all night?” Heather asked.

“It’s Christmas, baby. You should have known I had a present for you…” Naya trailed off, slipping off her shoes. “And well. You’re looking at it…” Naya giggled, placing her hands on her hips. Underneath the robe she was wearing, she had cute Santa-like lingerie on. It was perfectly festive. Yeah, she was definitely the perfect present.

Heather smirked, letting out a quiet laugh. “Well then, I better get to unwrapping…” Heather trailed off, pulling on the bow. It fell to the ground and Naya’s robe opened up, revealing part of her lingerie. “Oh…” Heather said, biting down on her bottom lip. “This is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received…” She decided, sliding the robe down Naya’s shoulders. She studied the sight that was in front of her, looking the girl up and down for a few moments.

Then next thing she knew, Naya’s lips were pressed against hers in a kiss. Her kisses were sweet and gentle, yet hot and steamy all at once. It only took another moment before the two girls managed to make a quick bed on the floor in front of the fire place.

Naya hovered over Heather, slipping her hands underneath Heather’s tank top. She slowly pushed it upwards, eventually pulling it all the way over her head. She tossed the tank top aside, leaning down to press a kiss against her neck. Heather let out a soft moan, moving her hands so they were wrapped around Naya’s back. Naya smirked when she heard a moan escape from Heather’s lips. But today, she didn’t just want her to moan, she wanted to hear her scream her name. Not that that was really anything new, but that certainly wasn’t the point. Naya trailed her hands down Heather’s sides, pulling down the pajama bottoms the blonde had been wearing. Naya was pleased to find that there weren’t any underwear that she had to take time to remove.

Naya pushed Heather’s arms over her head, holding them there as she kissed her way down her body. She pressed kisses against her lips, then her jaw, then down to her neck. She eventually kissed her way to her chest, taking one of her nipples in her mouth. Naya flicked her tongue back and forth against her breast, causing the blonde to let out a quiet moan. Naya took that as a sign to continue, so she continued kissing her way down Heather’s body. She pressed a kiss against her stomach and then her lower abdomen. Naya lowered her body so she was level with Heather’s lower half, and then she placed her hands on Heather’s knees, spreading her legs apart so there was enough room in between them for Naya to have her way with her.

Naya leaned in, pressing a kiss against each of Heather’s thighs. Heather moved her hips a little, urging Naya to continue. The brunette leaned forward, pressing one last kiss against Heather’s clit. Heather moaned softly, trailing her hands over her bare breasts as Naya continued.

Naya began to slowly flick her tongue against Heather’s clit, just to tease her at first. She trailed her fingers over her lower lips, again, in a very teasing manner. “Naya,” Heather moaned quietly. She didn’t want Naya to play around right now. She just wanted her. And she wanted her now. Naya smirked, inserting one finger inside of the girl when she moaned her name. Naya, again, slowly began to move her finger in and out of the blonde, cause Heather to whimper with pleasure. “Naya, please,” She moaned again.

With that, Naya inserted two more fingers, because she knew that was exactly how Heather liked that. Heather let out a loud moan when Naya pushed more fingers inside of her. Naya quickened the pace of her fingers, moving them in and out of the blonde quickly. Heather arched her back, moaning at almost ever touch.

“Naya, oh god,” The blonde girl moaned, arching her back as she felt the girl’s fingers dig deeper and deeper inside of her. Sometimes she forgot how good sex with Naya was. Oh wait, no she didn’t. Sex with Naya was unforgettable.

Naya flicked her tongue faster against Heather’s clit, eventually taking the entire thing in her mouth, sucking on it as she pumped her fingers in and out of the girl. Naya kept the pace quick, curling her fingers inside of her so she was pleasuring all the right places. It didn’t take much longer for the blonde girl underneath Naya to arch her back, her walls closing in around Naya’s fingers. Naya watched as Heather moaned her name, throwing her head back as she did so. Naya let Heather ride out her orgasm, and then she pulled her fingers out of her, bringing them to her mouth. Naya licked her fingers clean, licking her lips as she crawled over the girl, “Sweet as candy,” Naya mumbled softly, leaning down to press her lips against Heather’s. “Merry Christmas, darling.”
27th-Dec-2010 03:55 am (UTC)
im so glad you love it!!!! <3 :) :D
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