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fic: Leave Me With Some Kind of Proof it's Not A Dream 
13th-Dec-2010 04:13 pm
glee; lea ♥
Title: Leave Me With Some Kind of Proof it’s Not A Dream
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Quinn Fabray & Rachel Berry (Glee)
Summary: Had this been what she wanted? Yes. A few months ago, anyways. But now she wanted Finn. Didn’t she? Well no, right now all she wanted was Quinn Fabray…
Authors note: First Faberry... Yeah... Somewhat AU, I guess.

So Rachel wasn’t really sure what was going on lately. There were so many different things going on in her head, and she was so confused. This was very much unlike Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry always knew what she wanted. But now… Now she wasn’t so sure. Up until Tuesday of last week, Rachel was sure she knew what she wanted. She wanted Finn, and she wanted to win him back. Finn was like her everything; her air, her water, blah blah blah, her everything. But something happened. Something that she never expected. Something that left her confused as ever, and now she wasn’t sure if she wanted Finn - or if she wanted Quinn Fabray.

Glee rehearsal had just finished, and Quinn and Rachel were the last two members left in the choir room. Rachel headed for the door, obviously not wanting to be left alone with Quinn Fabray. You see, at one point in time Rachel might have questioned her sexuality, and Quinn Fabray might have been one of the girls she kept her eye on. But that was history.

“Berry,” The blonde spoke, her hands firm on her hips as she watched the tiny brunette girl head for the door. Rachel turned around, quite confused as to what was going on right now. Was Quinn actually talking to her?

“What is it, Quinn? I don’t have time for your nonsense right now.” Rachel rolled her eyes, looking the girl up and down.

When Quinn didn’t say anything, Rachel started to get nervous. What the heck was going on? Were the rest of the cheerios going to pop out and give her the worst slushie she’d ever gotten? But nothing happened. No one popped out. Quinn just shut the door, and the next thing Rachel knew, Quinn’s lips were pressed against hers in a kiss.

Hold on, wait, rewind. Quinn was kissing her? What? Okay. Quinn was kissing her. Quinn Fabray was kissing her. Not only was she kissing her, she was pushing her backwards until her she felt against the piano, the weight of Rachel’s body causing a mixture of notes to fill the air as she hit the piano keys. “Quinn,” Rachel managed to mumble for the first time since Quinn had first kissed her. “What are you…” Rachel trailed off, distracted as Quinn slipped her hand underneath Rachel’s skirt. Quinn smirked when she realized Rachel wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Nice, Berry,” Quinn giggled, pressing her palm against her heat.

Rachel gripped the edges of the piano, trying to balance herself. Every so often she pressed down another key, the sound filling the entire room. This was all happening really fast, and Rachel honestly had no idea what to think about it all. Had this been what she wanted? Yes. A few months ago, anyways. But now she wanted Finn. Didn’t she? Well no, right now all she wanted was Quinn Fabray…

Quinn decided not to waist any time. She normally wasn’t one to start these kind of things, but the way Rachel was strutting through Glee rehearsal in that skirt and that stupid animal sweater some how turned her on. The next thing she knew she was picturing herself kissing her, touching her… and that pretty much led to this moment right here. This was risky, having sex with Rachel Berry in the choir room, but she just couldn’t resist. Quinn trailed her fingers along Rachel’s folds, smirking when she heard a moan escape the girl’s lips. Good to know she was enjoying herself.

Quinn pulled her hand away for a second, pushing Rachel’s skirt up so it was at her waist and out of the way. Then Quinn leaned down so she was level with Rachel’s lower body. Without hesitation, she leaned in, pressing a kiss against her inner thigh; first her left, then her right. Then she brought her lips to her center, pressing a kiss there.

Rachel closed her eyes, letting out a quiet moan. It was sad to say, but Finn had never made her this turned on before. She was excited, nervous, but excited, and she was sure Quinn could tell by how incredibly wet she was right now. In the midst of Rachel’s thoughts, she felt Quinn’s tongue against her clit, moving back and forth slowly. “Oh god, Quinn,” Rachel moaned rather loudly.

Quinn took her moan as a permission to continue, so without hesitation, she shoved two fingers inside of the girl, causing her to let out a loud gasp. Quinn slowly started to move her fingers in and out of her, pulling her face away from her for a moment, “Berry,” She said, continuing to push her fingers in and out of her. She quickened the pace a little, watching Rachel’s squirm, “I know how you love to be vocal, but just this once I need you to keep it down,” Quinn demanded, in a voice that was almost seductive.

Rachel nodded her head lightly, biting down on her bottom lip to help conceal her moans. Quinn smiled at her response, and then she leaned back in, latching her mouth to the brunette’s clit once again. She pumped her fingers in and out of the girl at a rapid pace, curling her fingers every so often so she could hit just the right spot. Having sex with Santana really paid off. Quinn had learned a lot from her.

Rachel let out a somewhat muffled moan, as she tried her hardest to not let herself get to vocal. “Qui-Quinn, oh my god,” Rachel moaned softly, feeling herself come closer and closer to her climax. Quinn kept at it, doing exactly what she was doing. “Come for me, Berry,” She cooed against Rachel’s center, the vibrations from her speaking just about enough to bring her to her breaking point. “Say my name, Berry,“ She hissed. With that and just a few more minutes of Quinn’s handiwork, Rachel felt her walls clench around Quinn’s fingers, her back arching as she came to her climax. Quinn let her ride out her orgasm, smirking up as she watched her throw her head back, her eyes flooding shut as she practically screamed Quinn’s name.

When Rachel came down from her high, Quinn pulled her fingers out of the girl, bringing them to her mouth and licking them clean. “You taste so good, Berry,” Quinn smirked, pulling Rachel’s skirt back down to it’s normal length. She leaned in, kissing Rachel one last time before she headed for the door, leaving just like that.

Rachel watched as her hips swayed, her cheerio skirt moving back and forth as she walked.

Rachel Berry just had sex with Quinn Fabray in the choir room on the piano. Oh.

Rachel had been trying her hardest to get Quinn’s attention ever since that day. They had sex and Quinn was still acting like Rachel didn’t exist. It was rather annoying. Rachel sure enjoyed every last touch and she was sure Quinn enjoyed it too, because well, otherwise why would Quinn have even kissed her that day? She must of wanted it. It didn’t really make any sense.

Rachel tried talking to Santana about it, but Santana insisted that it was nothing; that Quinn just slept with anything that walked. Rachel didn’t believe it though. This had to mean something, right?


Quinn had been avoiding Rachel to the max. It was sad really, the fact that she seduced a girl she hated and then just left her hanging, begging for more. She knew Rachel wanted to talk to her about it, but Quinn didn’t want to talk about it. She saw how Rachel was with Finn. She didn’t need Rachel Berry hanging on her every waking moment. But she had to admit… She did kind of like Rachel. Underneath those ugly skirts and animal sweaters Quinn learned there was something beautiful. Rachel may of not been a cheerio and she sure as hell wasn’t popular, but underneath she was beautiful.

Quinn shook her head. Were these thoughts really going through her mind right now? What the heck was going on? Quinn headed into the locker room, some how ending up being the last one left. Oh well. She needed time to think anyways. She undressed herself, heading towards the showers. Quinn turned on the water, letting it get warm enough before she stepped inside, running the water through her hair.

Rachel had been waiting outside of the locker room doors for a good twenty five minutes. She watched all the cheerios go in, and she watched everyone of them leave - except Quinn Fabray. This was her chance. Rachel tip toed her way into the locker room, hearing one showering running towards the back of the locker room. As she made her way towards the sound of the water, she walked past what she assumed was Quinn’s cheerio locker - the glittery stickers that spelled Fabray didn’t give it away or anything. Rachel saw her clothes and what not sitting there, so Rachel decided she would undress herself too. She was going to win Quinn over fair and square. Rachel didn’t have any experience with girls other than that moment with Quinn last week, but she was very experience with herself and her hand. She figured if she could give herself an orgasm, hopefully she could give Quinn one. Rachel stripped down to nothing, suddenly feeling self conscious of her body. But Quinn already had sex with her, so she shouldn’t. That didn’t help though. On her way to the showers, Rachel grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself. It helped her feel a little less nervous.

Rachel took a deep breath as she stood outside of the shower, wondering if she should really go through with this. Yes, there was no turning back now. Rachel hesitated for a moment, but then she dropped the towel to the ground, standing in front of the shower curtain completely naked. “Quinn?” Rachel spoke quietly, trying not to startle the girl.

Quinn let out a yelp, obviously not expecting anyone to be there. She pulled back the shower curtain, spotting a completely naked Rachel Berry standing in front of her. Her jaw dropped as her eyes fell upon every last curve of Rachel’s body. If she were Finn, she would have came already, that’s for sure.

“R-Rachel,” Quinn squeaked, instantly feeling turned on just by looking at her standing there. “Uh, Um,” Quinn mumbled, feeling flustered. “What are you doing in here?” She managed to ask, looking around for a moment.

“Be quiet, Quinnie. I think Coach Sylvester is still in her office.” Rachel smirked, stepping into the shower with Quinn. She shut the curtain, letting her eyes fall over Quinn’s naked, wet body. Rachel studied every inch of her body for a moment before she looked her in the eyes. She smirked, instantly crashing her lips into hers. She pushed Quinn back against the shower wall, both of them under the water stream now. “Quinnie, it wasn’t very nice of you to do that to me and then ignore me.” Rachel said, her hands crawling all over Quinn’s body.

Quinn let out a quiet whimper, trying to find away to keep a grip on the wet wall. “Consider this pay back, but I won’t ignore you afterwards. In fact, you have an open invitation to come over to my place whenever you want.” Rachel mumbled against her lips, running her hands through the blonde’s wet hair. Rachel didn’t really know where any of this was coming from, but she was just so turned on by Quinn that these things were just coming to mind and she was just saying them. Right now, it was Rachel’s turn at dominance, and everyone knew how Rachel liked to be boss.

Rachel trailed her hands down Quinn’s body, slipping her hand in between her legs. Rachel smirked a little as she kissed her. Rachel started to massage her breast with one hand, slipping two fingers inside of her with her other hand. She heard Quinn gasp, letting out a quiet moan, and that was when she knew that she succeeded.

“Rachel,” Quinn moaned softly, loving the feeling of her fingers inside of her. “Oh god, Rachel,” She moaned again, bucking her hips a little against the girl. Rachel smirked, pressing her lips against Quinn’s in a kiss. She kissed her hard, speeding up the pace of her fingers as she kissed her. She pulled her fingers in and out of the blonde at a rapid pace, inserting a third finger without any warning. Quinn threw her head back against the shower wall, moaning loudly. “Faster, oh god,” She moaned breathlessly, continuing to buck her hips against Rachel’s body. “Rachel, fuck…” She gasped, realizing that she’d never felt anything this good before. Who knew Rachel was this experienced.

Rachel did as she was told, speeding up the movement of her fingers. She curled her fingers inside of the girl, reaching down and pinching her clit between her fingers. She continued moving in and out of her, rolling Quinn’s clit between her fingertips as she did so. It didn’t take much longer for Rachel to feel Quinn’s body start to shake and her walls clench tightly around her fingers. Quinn screamed out Rachel’s name as she rode out her orgasm. “Oh god, Rachel,” Quinn giggled softly, resting her head back against the shower wall yet again.

Rachel smirked, pulling her fingers out of the girl. She wrapped her arms around the blonde’s neck, kissing her softly, “Next time, I want to taste you,”
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