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fic: captivated by you 
8th-Dec-2010 10:50 pm
pll; lead me on [ea]
Title: Captivated By You
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Emily Fields & Alsion DiLaurentis (Pretty Little Liars)
Summary: What Emily and Ali had was complicated, wrong even. But there was something about Ali that just completely captivated Emily. Kind of like a firework show. She just couldn’t stay away. Maybe it was the gazes they exchanged, or the lingering feeling of her lips upon hers. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that she loved her.
Authors note: For my meanie.

You could say that Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis had a complicated relationship. Or you know, it was just a proven fact that their relationship was complicated. Emily loved her. Emily loved her more than anything in the entire world. That girl was like a goddess to her. Everything about her was perfect; the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she’d flirt with Emily, the way she pressed her lips against Emily’s ever so gently. But Ali was gone now. The only thing Emily had left of Ali was her memories. All the kisses, the looks, the touches; those were all gone now. Emily thought about Ali often. How could she not? This girl was the love of her life. Alison DiLaurentis was the only person Emily had ever loved. She was the only person she had ever truly cared for, and now she was gone.

Emily just knew that she meant something to Ali. There was no way in hell that what they shared meant nothing to Ali. Sure, that’s what she said; that it was just for “practice”, but Emily wasn’t stupid. All the words Ali said, all the places Ali kissed… It was real. They were in love.

Every day after Ali’s death was lonely. The days felt darker, colder. Sometimes Emily just felt like she was a zombie. She definitely took Ali’s death the hardest out of the four girls. Emily was the closest to Ali, but none of the other three girls knew that. They all had their secrets with Ali, but Emily knew she was the only one who was kissing Ali. Ali was constantly on her mind. Between the moments they shared and all the time they spent together, Emily had a lot to keep her mind on.

She missed Ali with every day that passed.

The first time Ali and Emily kissed was a breezy, late afternoon. The two girls were sitting in the library, side by side. “That’s why I love you,” Alison spoke, “You’re big on happy endings.” And then Emily just leaned over, kissing her. That kiss changed everything. It was a simple, sweet kiss, but it was perfect. It was a defining moment in their relationship. It was everything. And that kiss… well, it lead to so much more. Emily smiled softly as she looked back on the memory.


“Emily,” Ali laughed, shaking her head. “No, no don’t do that.” She laughed again, pointing at Emily. Currently, Emily was dancing around in a bikini. Ali would be lying if she said that she wasn’t completely turned on right now. The brunette girl was just so perfect, so flawless. Alison might have had a drink or two, but that didn’t make a difference to her. She thought Emily was beautiful.

“Why not?” Emily asked, giggling as she continued to dance around. She made her way towards Ali, dancing around her in small circles. Emily kept her eyes on the girl, watching her every move. It was like she couldn’t even keep her eyes off of her. Well, it wasn’t “like” that. She really couldn’t. She was always staring at Ali, no matter what. She’d watch the way she walked, or the way she talked, or even the way she put on her makeup. What Emily and Ali had was complicated, wrong even. But there was something about Ali that just completely captivated Emily. Kind of like a firework show. She just couldn’t stay away. Maybe it was the gazes they exchanged, or the lingering feeling of her lips upon hers. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that she loved her.

Everything in Emily’s mind told her that this was wrong. First of all, Ali was her best friend. Second of all, she was a girl. What would her parents say? She didn’t even want to know. But everything with Ali just said yes. Ali would smile, Emily would melt. Ali would talk, Emily would forget how to talk. Ali would ask her to do something, Emily would reply with “Yes, master,”. It’s just how they worked together. It was just wrong enough to make it right.

“Emillllyyyyyy,” Ali spoke, giggling as she drew out Emily’s name. “I’m seriousss. You can’t do that!” Ali giggled, not even trying to stop her now. Instead, she just looked up, watching her tiny frame dance around her in circles. After a few moments Ali reached up, grabbing Emily’s wrist. She giggled again, pulling the other girl into her lap. “Oops,” Alison stated, acting as if it were a complete and total accident.

Emily let out a squeal when she fell into Ali’s lap. Oh, how her lap was such a nice place to be. “Hi,” Emily said, smiling as she looked over at Ali. “I think you’ve had too much to drink!” Emily exclaimed, maybe having a few drinks in her system herself. Emily let out a soft giggle, reaching up to push a stray piece of hair out of Ali’s face.

Both girls were locked in this very moment. Emily’s hand rested on Ali’s cheek, her eye’s locked with the blonde’s eyes. She smiled softly as she studied her face. She wish she could explain these feelings, but they were unexplainable. After a moment, Emily leaned in, her lips touching Ali’s, but just for a moment. Emily was never sure when it was or wasn’t okay to kiss Ali, that was why she never initiated it, but in this moment… It felt so right.

Emily stared at her, her eyes wide as she waited for the other girl’s reaction. Ali giggled, and Emily knew that was a good sign. Then next thing she knew, Ali was kissing her – much more aggressively than the kiss she had given the girl a few moments earlier, but Emily didn’t mind. Any kissing was okay with her. Emily’s parents were out of town, thank god, and her sister was out for the night, so as of now, they were alone.

Emily let her hands roam all over the girls body as they kissed. She trailed her fingertips down her sides, across her stomach, and eventually she slipped both her hands underneath the blonde’s bikini top. Ali let out a moan, and Emily smiled against her lips in response. “Emily,” Ali moaned quietly. Then, Ali pushed Emily away a little, only enough so she could stand up. Emily raised an eyebrow as she fell into the empty chair, losing touch with Alison. She watched as her best friend slash sometime lover walked away. Where was she going? Was she really doing this right now? But then Alison stopped walking, simply just laying her body down on the towels the girls had laid out next to the pool earlier. Then, Alison looked over at Emily, who was still seated in the chair. “Come here, silly,” Alison giggled, untying her bikini top as she spoke. She let her top fall to the ground next to her, smirking at Emily from a distance.

Emily smiled back at her, glad she didn’t decide to leave or anything. When she told her to come here, and removed her bikini top, Emily didn’t really know what was going to happen next. They’d made out a lot, changed in front of each other, even showered together before. But this… Alison was taking her clothes of. In Emily’s backyard. She was taking her clothes off. Thank god they had a tall fence around the yard. Emily slowly made her way towards her, taking a seat next to her on the bed of towels once she reached it.

“Kiss me,” Alison said, her voice demanding, yet soft and sweet. Just the way Emily liked her. “Yes master,” Emily said with a giggle, leaning into kiss the girl. She kissed her slowly at first, pushing her back against the towels that laid on the ground. Emily felt Alison’s hands slide up her back, playing with the strings of her bikini. The next thing she knew, they both were topless. Emily felt her bare chest pressed up against Ali’s, and suddenly, she felt… She didn’t even know what word to use to describe how she felt. Turned on, happy, in love, what the hell is going on, Alison is so beautiful, I love this girl. Her thoughts seemed just like little fragments, not even complete thoughts.

Ali then slipped her fingertips underneath the waistband of Emily’s bikini. She pushed the bottoms down her legs, and then next thing Emily knew… She was naked. Laying on top of Alison DiLaurentis. In her back yard. Oh god, this was too good to be true. Alison kissed her for a few more moments before flipping the two of them over. She kissed Emily deeply before trailing her lips down to her neck, her breasts, and her stomach. Eventually, Ali pressed a light kiss right below her belly button. She glanced up at Emily, who was staring down at her with longing eyes. Alison smirked, nudging Emily’s legs apart.

This was it. They were going to have sex. That’s what was going on. She was naked and she was going to have sex with Alison DiLaurentis. Was this real life? Of course it was real. God, did she love her.

Emily fidgeted a little underneath Alison. She was somewhat nervous. She wouldn’t put it past Alison to get her all worked up just to walk away laughing. She’d done it on more than one occasion. But this time… This time is seemed real. Emily realized it was real once she felt Alison’s fingers trailing along her thighs, moving closer and closer towards her core. Oh yeah, this was real alright.

“Alison,” Emily moaned quietly, urging her to continue. She just wanted to feel her. She had enough of Ali’s teasing crap. Ali let out a soft giggle, bringing her fingers to trail across Emily’s lips, and after a moment, she slipped one finger inside of the girl, watching as Emily laid her head back against the towels, letting out a soft moan.

Ali slowly moved her finger in and out of the girl slowly, watching her squirm with every movement. After a few minutes, Ali inserted a second finger, letting out a giggle as she heard Emily moan again. Alison began thrusting her fingers in and out of the girl, moving at a faster pace with each thrust. “Oh god, Ali,” Emily moaned, gripping the towels with her hands. Well, if she wasn’t sure if she liked girls before, she definitely did now. Because um, this experience, everything about it – Ali, mostly – was practically to die for.

Emily was almost like putty in Ali’s hands, and that was exactly how she liked her. Emily had never looked more beautiful that she did right now. She was laying there, in all her naked beauty. And she was… Well, she was flawless. Not even Ali could deny that. She’d hate to admit it, but she loved this girl. Alison DiLaurentis had never had sex with a girl before, and she had to admit, she was glad this was happening with Emily right now. So glad, in fact, that she wanted to make the girl scream. She didn’t want to just hear her moan, she wanted Emily to scream her name. Was that too much? Ali certainly didn’t think so.

So after a moment or so, Alison leaned down, pressing a kiss against Emily’s clit as she continued to thrust her fingers in and out of her. Ali flicked her tongue along her clit once, and then she removed her fingers from inside the girl. Emily whined, but was soon satisfied when Ali replaced her fingers with her tongue instead. She was only switching it up a but. The blonde pressed her thumb against Emily’s clit, rubbing slow circles around it. “Oh god, Alison,” Emily moaned loudly. What she was feeling right now was just too much to handle. She couldn’t even explain it. She felt like she was going to explode. Alison let out a giggle, the vibrations against Emily’s skin driving her even more crazy.

It didn’t take much longer for Alison’s touches to send Emily completely over the edge. She felt her muscles tighten as she arched her back, letting her orgasm take over her entire body. Emily laid back against the towels, breathing heavily as she tried to catch her breath from what she had just experienced. Alison pulled herself away from Emily, hovering over the girl. She gave her a smirk, leaving her with one simple kiss before she stood up, grabbing her bikini top. She looked down at Emily, smiling at the sight she saw – a completely naked Emily, with a look of pure lust in her eyes. “We should get dressed now. Don’t want anyone to see us.” Alison said, walking towards Emily’s back door. So that’s just what Emily did.

My mind forgets to remind me you’re a bad idea. You touch me once and it’s really something, you find I’m even better than you imagined I would be. I’m captivated by you baby, like a firework show.
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