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fic: Stop The World: The Sequel 
8th-Dec-2010 10:37 pm
selena; a year without rain
Title: Stop The World: The Sequel
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez
Summary: One night Demi was telling Selena that she loved and missed her, and the next day she was dating Joe? What the hell was this?
Authors note: This was originally posted at my journal on may 23rd. For meanie as per usual.

Ever since the last time Demi and Selena were together - months ago - they had rarely been together again. It was just too complicated. They couldn’t let it get out that they were seeing each other like that, and they both were well aware of that. But that didn’t mean they still didn’t have feelings for each other, because damn it, they did. Any time they saw each other it was just like that night all over again. But then they started drifting again and Sel started dating Nick. Well, now that was over and all of the sudden Demi was dating Joe. And Selena was jealous. She didn’t even know how this happened! One night Demi was telling Selena that she loved and missed her, and the next day she was dating Joe? What the hell was this?

So, you could say that Selena was kind of sort of mad at Demi. So, she didn’t call her before she went to sleep like she usually did, and she didn’t text her in the morning either. Selena figured if Demi really wanted to talk to her, she’d call her.

But she never did.


Selena let out a long sigh. She missed Demi. A lot. Demi had to miss her too, right? There was no way that Demi could just forget about what they had together. Demi would be crazy. Then again, Selena wondered if Demi was indeed crazy. She was still convinced that this whole Joe dating Demi thing was completely for publicity. It had to be. There was no way Demi really fell in love with her other best friend, was there? There couldn’t be.

It was just one of those days today. Selena was sad and miserable without her best friend and part time girlfriend. Things just weren’t the same without her around. It didn’t help that Selena hadn’t spoken to her in what seemed like forever. She was deprived of Demi’s scent and her touch. She was deprived of her kisses and her voice. It was quite tragic, really. Selena walked into her bedroom, letting the robe she was wearing fall to the floor. This was almost a daily event for Selena. If Demi wasn’t actually here with her, she could pretend, right? She pretended alright.

Selena climbed into her bed, completely naked, and put her head phones in. She flipped through the songs until reaching Stop The World, just one of the many songs Selena inspired. Selena let her hands trail over her bare breasts and down her stomach, one eventually settling on her lower abdomen. She let out a quiet sigh, smiling as she heard Demi’s voice fill her ears. She slowly moved her hand lower, moving her fingertips slowly over her clit. Selena let out a soft moan as she began rubbing slow circles around her clit. Her head fell back against the pillows, her mouth making a small ‘o’ pattern each time she moved her fingertips against her clit. After a moment, Selena slipped her hand down further, pressing her fingers flush against her skin before slowly inserting a finger inside of her. She let out a gasp, moving her finger in and out of her. She wished that Demi was the one there with her, but sadly she was alone. She guessed it was better than nothing, though. She just wished that Demi missed her too. She wondered what she was doing right now. Was Demi thinking about her too? Selena could only wish.


Yeah, Demi was dating Joe now. It had been a few months, but being with Joe was nothing compared to what she felt when she was with Selena. It just wasn’t the same. The thing with Joe was… well, she didn’t know what it was. It just kinda happened. Selena had been with Nick or whatever happened towards the beginning of the year, and she and Joe… well, it just happened. She didn’t know how to explain it. She was just trying to get over Selena. Yep, that’s what she was trying to do. She just wanted the hurt to stop. She just wanted to be happy, and she didn’t want to hide it anymore.

But that didn’t matter, because everything always came back to Selena. Demi couldn’t stop thinking about Selena. She missed her laugh, her scent, her touch. She missed everything. She felt bad sometimes, because basically she was using Joe, but god, it was Selena. Selena had always been everything. Always. There was no denying it.

So, Demi decided she’d go see Selena. She just needed to see her, even if it was just for a few minutes. She just needed to see her. Maybe then she could continue to get over her. Maybe then she could get over her for real. She hoped so, because feeling like this sucked. She thought about calling first, but she thought that a surprise would be better. Selena always liked when she surprised her.

Demi pulled into the empty driveway, and to be honest, she was glad that no one was home – but she really hoped that Selena was home. Cause obviously her idea for seeing Selena wouldn’t work if she wasn’t home. Demi quietly opened the front door, walking inside. She headed for the stairs, slowly climbing them. Demi took a deep breath, heading towards Selena’s bedroom door. Demi reached the door, slowly pushing it open. She heard a moan, a familiar moan, and raised an eye brow. She didn’t know what was going on, but… She looked up, finding Selena alone on her bed. Well, that was a relief. Demi shook her head a little, wondering how she could think Selena would be with anyone else. She couldn’t help but be completely grateful that she decided to come over when she did. Selena was so beautiful, god, how could she ever try to get over her? Selena was all that she needed. Demi knew that, she knew that! She didn’t know why she ever tried to convince herself otherwise. She didn’t know why she didn’t talk to Selena about the Joe thing… She didn’t know why she did any of the things she did. Because now nothing she had done lately made any sense. The only thing that made sense was Selena. Then again, that’s how it always had been.

Demi began to undress herself as she walked towards Selena’s bed. She noticed that she had head phones in, so she assumed that Selena didn’t realize that she was here yet. But that was okay, Demi didn’t mind watching her pleasure herself. It was quite the site, really. But she didn’t mind. She couldn’t wait to be the one pleasuring her instead…

By the time Demi made it to the bed, she was completely naked. Selena looked over, jumping when she realized someone was standing there. Her first instinct was to grab the blanket, but when she realized it was Demi, her heart settled. She pulled the headphones out of her ears, and Demi could faintly hear her own voice coming from them. Demi gave the girl a smile, climbing on top of her, “Miss me?” She spoke, her voice quiet and seductive, just like Selena liked it. Selena didn’t say a word, instead she just leaned in, kissing Demi deeply. She figured that would answer the question. Just by the touch of her lips she felt one hundred times better than she had five minutes ago. Selena didn’t know if Demi knew how much she really missed her, but that was when she decided she’d just take the time to show her how much she missed her.

Selena slowed her kisses, trailing them down Demi’s jaw, followed by her neck. After a moment or so, Selena carefully flipped the two of them over so Selena was on top instead. Selena gave her a smile, kissing Demi’s lips once more. Selena let her hands trail down her sides, eventually resting her tiny hands on Demi’s tiny waist. She hesitated for a moment, just kissing her slowly. She wanted to give her a chance to protest, just in case this thing with Joe was real. She didn’t want to ruin it or anything. But Demi didn’t protest. Demi kissed Selena deeper, pushing her hands down further. Selena smirked, biting down on Demi’s bottom lip as she trailed her fingers along Demi’s clit. Demi moaned softly, which caused Selena to push her fingers down Demi’s body further. She didn’t want to make her moan, she wanted to make her do more than moan. She wanted her to scream. She wanted to show her exactly how much she missed her. She wanted to show her why they should just be together. Forever.

Selena hovered over Demi, pressing sloppy kisses against her neck as she slowly inserted her fingers inside of her. Demi gasped, throwing her head back into the pillows when she felt Selena inside of her. To be honest, there was no better feeling than that. Nothing compared to Selena. “Selena,” Demi quietly moaned, arching her back as Selena’s fingers curved inside of her. Selena nibbled on her skin lightly, keeping up the pace she knew Demi liked. She quickened the pace after a moment, hearing Demi moan her name louder than before. Selena knew it wouldn’t take much longer for Demi to reach her peak. Selena was pretty good at getting her to come. This was something they did often, after all.

It didn’t take Demi much longer to reach her climax. With a few swift motions, Selena had Demi calling out in a state of pure pleasure. She arched her back, letting out a loud moan as she felt her muscles tighten and then release. Demi collapsed against the bed underneath Selena. She laid there, trying to catch her breath. Selena smiled, kissing her way to Demi’s lips once last time. “I’ll never leave you again.” Selena breathlessly said, sealing her words with a kiss.
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