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26th-Dec-2010 10:32 pm - fic: All I Want For Christmas Is You
gossip girl; nju hand hold
Title: All I Want For Christmas Is You
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus
Summary: Nick and Miley’s friendship was certainly a complex one. There was no denying that.
Authors note: For Jory & Tori. Idk what this is. I'm not pleased with it. I think it's like, all over the place, and blah. But here you girls go..

all i want for christmas is you......Collapse )
25th-Dec-2010 11:21 pm - fic: Merry Christmas Darling
tvd; caroline forbes
Title: Merry Christmas Darling
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Heather Morris & Naya Rivera (Glee)
Summary: “It’s Christmas, baby. You should have known I had a present for you…”
Authors note: For my meanie for Christmas. Yep.

greeting cards have all been sent, the christmas rush is throughCollapse )
glee; lea ♥
Title: Leave Me With Some Kind of Proof it’s Not A Dream
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Quinn Fabray & Rachel Berry (Glee)
Summary: Had this been what she wanted? Yes. A few months ago, anyways. But now she wanted Finn. Didn’t she? Well no, right now all she wanted was Quinn Fabray…
Authors note: First Faberry... Yeah... Somewhat AU, I guess.

you are the only exceptionCollapse )
8th-Dec-2010 10:50 pm - fic: captivated by you
pll; lead me on [ea]
Title: Captivated By You
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Emily Fields & Alsion DiLaurentis (Pretty Little Liars)
Summary: What Emily and Ali had was complicated, wrong even. But there was something about Ali that just completely captivated Emily. Kind of like a firework show. She just couldn’t stay away. Maybe it was the gazes they exchanged, or the lingering feeling of her lips upon hers. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that she loved her.
Authors note: For my meanie.

i'm captivated by you baby, like a fireworks show.Collapse )
8th-Dec-2010 10:37 pm - fic: Stop The World: The Sequel
selena; a year without rain
Title: Stop The World: The Sequel
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez
Summary: One night Demi was telling Selena that she loved and missed her, and the next day she was dating Joe? What the hell was this?
Authors note: This was originally posted at my journal on may 23rd. For meanie as per usual.

we can't stop the world but there so much more we could do.Collapse )
8th-Dec-2010 10:05 pm - fic: Crazy Beautiful Life
glee; lea ♥
Title: Crazy Beautiful Life
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Naya Rivera & Heather Morris
Summary: Some days Mark was all Naya ended up talking about. It was Mark this, Mark that, Mark, Mark, Mark. Heather was just sick of it!
Authors note: Long time no fic. I haven't written in awhile. Oops. Anyways, this is for my meanie. It's my first heya/glee related fic... Bear with me.

this is a crazy beautiful lifeCollapse )
14th-Feb-2010 02:16 pm - fic: all i wanted was you
taylor; speak now
Title: All I Wanted Was You
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: PG
Pairing: Taylor/Joe, Nick/Miley, Demi/Selena, brief Nick/Selena & Miley/Liam
Summary: Maybe Valentine’s Day was completely overrated. Maybe it was useless, stupid, and pointless.
Authors note: This is set in ~present day~ so Taylor & Joe are “reconnecting”, Miley and Liam are dating, Nick and Selena are doing whatever they’re doing, Demi and Selena are not speaking, and Miley and Nick are best friends. Anyways, this one is for my geri, my jory, and my meanie. Pretty sure they can figure what couples were written for them. (: I’m pretty sure this is the longest fic I’ve ever written, wow. Took along time, I hope everyone enjoys it.

all i wanted was youCollapse )
20th-Jan-2010 02:07 am - fic: someday when i stop loving you
taylor; speak now
Title: Someday When I Stop Loving You
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: PG
Pairing: Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas
Summary: I’ll move on baby, just like you, when the desert floods and the grass turns blue. When a sailing ship don't need her moon, it'll break my heart, but I'll get through. Someday when I stop loving you.
Authors note: As Geri said, we both decided to write a fic based on this song. So yeah, it’s like a ~fic battle~ I’m not satisfied with this at all. It was so much more… something in my head. I imagined it pretty different than the way it came out. Anyways, this is completely ~alternate universe~ so it’s not based of the real life events of Taylor/Joe at all. This is fiction after all. And, I do what I ~want~ (:

when the desert floods and the grass turns blueCollapse )
4th-Jan-2010 10:33 pm - fic: lead me on
taylor; speak now
Title: Lead Me On
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Joe Jonas & Miley Cyrus
Summary: Tell me what I want to hear, I don' t care if you're lying baby. I just want to feel you touch me right now. Go ahead and call it love, tomorrow you can deny it baby. Kiss me again, let me pretend that it's not wrong. Baby, lead me on.
Authors note: Originally posted on December 29th, 2009 on my journal.

there you go in all your beautiful gloryCollapse )
4th-Jan-2010 10:30 pm - fic: the one thing i need
taylor; speak now
Title: The One Thing I Need
Author: _takemebabyx
Rating: M
Pairing: Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez
Summary: Demi & Selena get stuck under the mistletoe.
Authors note: This fic idea randomly came to me, so yeah. But, it’s dedicated to Aimy (aimyleigh) and Steph (dl4sg_unbroken). Originally posted on December 25, 2009.

i don't want a lot this christmasCollapse )
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